Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspiration of Miscellany -Moodboard

Theme: Ecclectic/Woodland
Colors: Aqua Turquoise, Dark Chocolate Brown, Pumpkin Orange, Moss Green, Butter Yellow

This moodboard has a lot of the Dark Chocolate Brown that I like,
and the whole woodland feel. Moss with candles, and wood pieces
on the dessert table are my favorites. I also like the Bride and Groom
photo Thank You. That would make a great card.

I hope to pull off some hydrangeas, they'll be in season, but they aren't local.
I won't be upset if I don't have Hydrangeas, I like the idea of ferns, moss
and acorns. More woodland-y to me. The ranaculus or peony are so pretty,
I'd love to just have a few in my bouquet.

The dessert table looks more fun to me than a cake, but I may decide to do both.
It would be a smaller cake, like the chocolate faux bois cake, and pies and
cookies, maybe tarts and goodies of all kinds on the dessert table.
I also like the idea of root beer over ice in a big washtub.

This style is leaning toward formal vintage, and that's not really
what I'm going for, but I love the collection of turquoise vases (bottom right)
and the vintage car. The mix-matched plates are a cool touch also.

All of this moodboard screams FORMAL and TRADITIONAL!
However the blue drinks are pretty awesome.

This one leans toward formal too, but I really like that striped tie and earrings.

I think this was my first inspiration of color.

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