Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jordan. You know what to do.

These are only suggestions for my photographer. Let's face it, sometimes you gotta hope for some moments to happen that just aren't planned.

If I get one of these - WONDERFUL! The last one is a big hope though.

There's a swing, but no bench like this... we can work with whatever we got. ha!
The Horse stables would be perfect for something like this.
We'll see how willing we are to get on the ground. hmm.
probably not gonna have the awesome car I'd hoped for. We'll see if we can borrow someones car for this.
I'm having a "photobooth" area in which a frame like this will be included... it's turquoise. yay!

Wedding Rehearsal and other stuff.

My parents' wedding anniversary was the night of my rehearsal dinner <3
I bought this cotton eyelet dress at Target, added Ribbon around the waist, paper flowers from Michael's and pearl beads... all hot glued!

I printed all of the wedding fans, cut them out and spray glued together with wide popsicle sticks from Michael's. Card Stock CDs I designed, printed, cut and folded. (with lots of help from Mom and Brooke!)

For the BBQ rub favors, I purchased the tins at Michael's, which came with printable stickers I designed. Also my recipe for BBQ rub!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 days!

I'm getting married to my Best Friend!

How can I not be excited??!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crunch time - 6 days!

Mom and Dad, Brooke and Nick, Mia, and Jason and I went to the ranch yesterday to do some setup. It went really well, and I'm just so excited to marry my Best Friend!

This is the stage for the band, in pieces

Decor: LOTS of cheesecloth, tissue paper poms, and chinese lanterns, and of course Birdcages!

Monday, April 11, 2011

deeper than love

Go deeper than love, for the soul has greater depths,
love is like the grass, but the heart is deep wild rock
molten, yet dense and permanent.
Go down to your deep old heart, and lose sight of yourself.
And lose sight of me, the me whom you turbulently love.
Let us lose sight of ourselves, and break the mirrors.
For the fierce curve of our lives is moving again to the depths
out of sight, in the deep living heart.

D.H. Lawrence

The countdown to LOVE!

I can see a lot of life in you.
I can see a lot of bright in you.
And I think the dress looks nice on you.
I can see a lot of life in you.
-- Sufjan Stephens, The Dress Looks Nice on You

Today, I'd just love to gush about how wonderful Mr. Percy is, and how much I look forward to becoming his permanent partner in crime... But I'd rather show you images!

I've been flipping (and flipping!) through images - looking for some inspiration for wedding photography, and possibly some last minute details. (like I need another thing TO DO!)

I wandered down the rabbit hole on {} and was mesmerized by the lovely brides, grooms and photographs... ahh.

ummmm. Look at her CALVES! WOAH! This is SEXXXXXYYY.

hey! check out the flowers post (flowers! wooo!) to see why this image is here:

And as always, I find ideas everywhere.

I had originally imagined a garland running along the aisle from chair to chair. But the chairs don't quite work for that. So, I thought: Shepherd Hooks! Yay! Then, I discovered how expensive they are... I was about to chuck the idea all toghether, and I still may... If this doesn't work!

Here's some more wedding beauty and awesome-ness from {simply bloom photography}...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Much.


I didn't just fit in my wedding dress, I rocked it. A month and a half ago when trying it on, it didn't quite zip up all the way. It was actually about 10 inches from zipping all the way. Arrangements were made for a later fitting, and the pre-emptive what if conversation with the seamstress about making some "adjustments," like tying it up like a corset, spaghetti straps, etc.

So yesterday, when I heard the sound of the zipper stop at the top, I nearly jumped out of the dress I was so excited. I found my way out to the mirror and did a little dance of joy.

Today, I met with Jordan Weiland and I have to say one word: simpatico!
Officially, I have 3 photographers and 2 videographers. (Jeez Louise!) All of my photographers bring something different to the table, and just like their own fingerprints, have an eye for capturing a moment differently.

Greg Williams
is the technician. He's got the equipment coming out of his ears, and technical knowledge to boot. He's great with lighting and post-production. His eye for the details is uncanny. His enthusiasm for photography and photoshop is contagious, but he's never photographed a wedding. Don't let that fool you, he's probably taken more photos in the last year than I have in my life.

LaShaun Pullin
is the dreamer. She looks at the world through Rose colored glasses and youthfulness, where everything seems like magic. She's the Ninja, since she's still new to professional photography, but her compositions are fresh and unexpected. Again, never photographed a wedding. She's got her camera strap around her neck everywhere she goes, and doesn't miss a beat!

Jordan Weiland is the Chuck Norris. She kicks @$$! Her experience with Weddings, Babies, and families is truly nothing to sneeze at. I first appreciated her photography in the home of my roommate Tim's brother many years ago when I saw a striking black and white photograph on the wall of their newborn, Caedmon. I felt a rush that only people who spend countless hours looking at photography for the sake of looking at photography feel. Years later we were caddy-corner from each other at Platform Art Show. Not long after I joined her meetup group for artists only to find out she was stepping down. Now, she's a successful stay at home mom to Adorable Autumn, brilliant photographer, and beautiful person, and I'm so thrilled she agreed to photograph my wedding.

I truly look forward to seeing all the photos that will be taken from different points of view - co-worker and friend, Relative, and fellow artist.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

18 days. 2 and a half weeks.

Today I'm going to Edward-Macy in Downtown Lakeland for my wedding dress fitting.

Last night I looked at the calendar and noticed the wedding is 2 1/2 weeks away, and I'm starting to freak out a little. Not because I'm getting married, or getting cold feet. Not because my life (and my last name) is about to change. I'll be filing taxes for two next year. Status is no longer "single." In 18 days, I will have a husband instead of a boyfriend. (aside: I feel funny using the word fiancé, I don't know why, it's just a word.) I'll be changing my Social Security Card, Drivers License, and email to say Percy instead of Gilpin. I'll be getting 2 step-children.

None of these things even phase my countenance. I'm thrilled and overjoyed that I'm marrying the man of my dreams. It's the party planner in me that's freaking out.

I laid awake in bed thinking "2 1/2 weeks...2 1/2 weeks!" I've checked off so many things on my To Do list, but there's still so much to do, not to mention working 5 days and 3 nights a week. There are things I HAVE to do, and items on the list that can be moved a little lower to the "optional" area of the list.

Jason offered to help yesterday, but I was getting ready for work, and didn't have time to show him all the steps that were needed. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to making things, so I've just accepted that I gotta do it, and do it quickly.

At least he's got nice shoes.