Monday, April 4, 2011

April 3rd Ranch Setup

It was a beautiful day for a wedding (setup). There wasn't a cloud in the sky, a slight cool breeze in the clean fresh air, and everyone was in a fantastic mood.
I'm amazed every day at Jason, and how his willingness to please me is never snuffed out by blood or sweat. So a GIANT thank you to my darling future husband... Who got on the ladder and made my vision a reality. He alone put all of this cheesecloth up, while my dad and I "assisted."

Another HUGE thank you to my parents who have forked over a few bills to make our day beautiful and special. And they are SUPER special.

A Great Big Massive Thanks to Jim, LaShaun, and Brooke who sacrificed a beautiful Sunday to sweat with us. :)

These are the fruits of our labor. A Labor of Love.

The Marston's Dog, who I was enamored by.
Especially his eyes.
My dad was trying to show me something while I was taking this picture. ha!

All of us ladies were trying to envision where the photobooth and sign in table would go best.

Then, LaShaun said COME HERE!
The brahma was less friendly than Becky let on. ;)

I love my husband-to-be.

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