Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Much.


I didn't just fit in my wedding dress, I rocked it. A month and a half ago when trying it on, it didn't quite zip up all the way. It was actually about 10 inches from zipping all the way. Arrangements were made for a later fitting, and the pre-emptive what if conversation with the seamstress about making some "adjustments," like tying it up like a corset, spaghetti straps, etc.

So yesterday, when I heard the sound of the zipper stop at the top, I nearly jumped out of the dress I was so excited. I found my way out to the mirror and did a little dance of joy.

Today, I met with Jordan Weiland and I have to say one word: simpatico!
Officially, I have 3 photographers and 2 videographers. (Jeez Louise!) All of my photographers bring something different to the table, and just like their own fingerprints, have an eye for capturing a moment differently.

Greg Williams
is the technician. He's got the equipment coming out of his ears, and technical knowledge to boot. He's great with lighting and post-production. His eye for the details is uncanny. His enthusiasm for photography and photoshop is contagious, but he's never photographed a wedding. Don't let that fool you, he's probably taken more photos in the last year than I have in my life.

LaShaun Pullin
is the dreamer. She looks at the world through Rose colored glasses and youthfulness, where everything seems like magic. She's the Ninja, since she's still new to professional photography, but her compositions are fresh and unexpected. Again, never photographed a wedding. She's got her camera strap around her neck everywhere she goes, and doesn't miss a beat!

Jordan Weiland is the Chuck Norris. She kicks @$$! Her experience with Weddings, Babies, and families is truly nothing to sneeze at. I first appreciated her photography in the home of my roommate Tim's brother many years ago when I saw a striking black and white photograph on the wall of their newborn, Caedmon. I felt a rush that only people who spend countless hours looking at photography for the sake of looking at photography feel. Years later we were caddy-corner from each other at Platform Art Show. Not long after I joined her meetup group for artists only to find out she was stepping down. Now, she's a successful stay at home mom to Adorable Autumn, brilliant photographer, and beautiful person, and I'm so thrilled she agreed to photograph my wedding.

I truly look forward to seeing all the photos that will be taken from different points of view - co-worker and friend, Relative, and fellow artist.


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