Thursday, February 10, 2011

72 days!

Macy's Wedding Registry just informed me that my timeline is getting shorter. Thanks, Macy's, for putting it all in perspective.

I've been perusing through these registries wishing I could register at an antique store instead.
Alas, I've managed to pick a few items I could use.

Currently, I'm FINISHED with the following:

- Book Location! Check!!!
- Book Photographers <-- multiple!
- Book Videographer
- Book Band
- Find Dress (WHEW!!)
- Find Catering (thanks MOM!!)
- Find Rentals (tables, chairs, etc.)
- Design save the date
- Design invitation
- Design RSVP card
- Design Wedding Map
- Print Envelopes for STDs
- Purchased some items for decor
- Painted Birdhouses

I'm currently in work mode on these items:

- Bouquet (I'm making it!)
- Decor for Ceremony & Reception
- Printing STDs
- Decide on Cake
- Decide on Officiant
- Decide on flower girl/ring bearer
- Decide whether or not to throw extra bouquet

Things I need to start working on soon:

- Print Invitations
- Print RSVPs
- Print Maps
- Print Envelopes for stationery
- Shoes
- Fabric for draping in Reception
- all decor for reception
- Help Jason find outfit!
- Ring for Jason

Yes, this helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something, but there's so many other things to add to one or more of these lists, including the list entitled "Things I haven't even thought about."

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