Friday, February 4, 2011

Rustic Wedding Overload

I'm getting Wedding overload.

There's SO SO much to think about and I'm so detail oriented, I gotta do it right.

Anyway, here's some new "RUSTIC" wedding decor that has inspired me to focus and whittle down my grand and elaborate ideas.

SIMPLE is better.

I love the drapes coming out of the barn door.

This is almost identical to a sketch I made for the guest book table.
(even though I'm not doing a guest book)

The jars with candles <3>

I like the branches.

Of course this sign post is AWESOME.

More branches...

Ignore the giant cake - focus on the awesome chinese paper lanterns...
how many will I need???

Succulents + Cheese + Camera

I like the signage and the tubs!

Oh bonfire, how I hope you'll come to my wedding!

The JARS have PHOTOS in them!!! WHAT? yes, awesome.

I want my cake to be THIS size. Love it!!!

This is just awesome.
Jar with flowers - check! Wood slice - of course!
Birdhouse- yes, please!


  1. These pictures are lovely! Do you know where the barn with the huge drapes is? I am planning a rustic chic wedding right now and that barn is amazing!