Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Ranch: March 3, 2011

It was a WINDY day at the ranch. We got there around 3:15, (we tried a new way and got a little lost) approximately the time the ceremony will be over. As long as it's on time. :)

The panoramic shots are very large, so click to enlarge.

Location of the ceremony: Under the Old Oak Trees!
Center Tree will be where Debbie, Jason and I stand.
Arbor will be right up against the tree.
Inside the Apartment:

This is the extra bedroom, the master has one King sized bed.

The inside of the BARN.

Attached "Party Barn" area is air conditioned.

The entire building is 100' wide, 50' deep

Picnic tables can be spaced out while people play games.

Drink machine can be stocked with anything we want,
and doesn't take money.

6 doors, but only slide over top of one another.
so only 3 openings, each opening doorway is about 12' wide.

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