Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes, I'm overwhelmed.

Maybe it's my nature. Maybe it's my inability to do anything the easy way. Maybe it's my thoughts of grandeur.

Either way, my list of things to do hasn't gotten any shorter. But my timeline has.

Unfortunately, much of it are Big decisions I have to make, or things only I can do. The vision is complete, the execution of the vision is far from it.

For instance:
- Dress#2 (shower and maybe reception) - I need that in less than 2 weeks and haven't tried on the first dress. Although, I've looked at hundreds online.

- The Cake - need to visit the cake place in Auburndale, and basically place the order.
I already know what I want, it's pretty simple. Red Velvet Cheesecake with white Cream Cheese Icing. Nothing decorative. I'm adding branches and the cake topper, which I already have.

- The Flowers - need to determine Where and How many flowers I need. The florist is in Lake Wales.

- The Arbor - it's in pieces at my parents house, parts that are green need to be painted turquoise. Dad's going to put it together.

- The Ceremony Script (vows) - I'm not writing it, but I'm piecing it together like a quilt from different ones I've found online.

- The Decor - I've gotten about 90% of the decor all ready. Gotta get the fabric to hang in the barn, and some typewriter ribbon. Gotta finish spray painting a few items. Plus, make more tissue poms and/or get chinese lanterns.

- Photography plan - I have to sit down and list all the shots I want.

- Honeymoon - decide on what we're doing, and book it. It's going to be the Keys, I think.

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